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Fast Broadband (BT Infinity) Denial for East Morton

You may have seen various posters and received flyers from BT offering super-fast ‘Infinity’ broadband to the village recently. Over the last 12 months or so I have received a few emails from villagers bitterly complaining about the broadband service we receive here in East Morton. We run our business from the village and there are quite a large number of home workers also in the village who rely on a good broadband service, we applied back in April for the new ‘Infinity’ service to be told first it would be available in June, then it was put back to September, then we were given end of December.

This is a ‘Fairly long post – to summarise – East Morton IS NOT going to get Fast Broadband anytime soon – due to BT “budgets” – a form will be provided at the end of the post to voice your concerns

Recently I was contacted by another village resident who also is dependent on, and wanting faster speeds, he is a former IT Engineer and now a web designer, where speed of uploads and downloads are crucial to the everyday running of his freelance business.

Over the course of our business related discussions, we also realised that the impact of lack of fibre based (fast broadband) will not only affect the business user and homeworker – but also those who wish to take advantage of services like Sky Anytime Plus or LoveFilm. These services are examples of “data” that can not be downloaded on our restricted service in the village – this also impacts on our general browsing due to ‘throttling’ the lines that we share at peak periods.

I think as many of us as possible should complain about the abysmal service we are getting from BT Openreach. Please go to the link but then click ‘NO’ and this takes you to a form you can complete, we need to all complain about this decision as it affects us all, also then send an email to Peter Rashbrook NI Customer Engagement on

We were very late in getting broadband into the village about ten years ago, many of us are lucky if we get 1 or 2mbs speed, where as in Bingley and Keighley they can receive up to 7/8mbs already. BT Infinity by the way – could give up to 48mbs, but the service relies on a fibre infrastructure being made available in the village.

The old ‘copper based lines and cabinets’ will NEVER provide this speed and bring us in line with what is offered all around us. For one reason only – COST to BT Openreach who are in receipt of a government grant to perform this infrastructure upgrade.

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