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Morton Gala

As many of you know there has been massive doubt over the future of East Morton Gala.
Despite huge successes for the last few Galas, with record profits raised year upon year we have had a dwindling committee.
An event this size takes a well organised team for the six months leading up to the day of the Gala.
Thanks to an appeal we now have five new committee members who are enthusiastic and come with new ideas.
Some of these new members are taking over responsibility for such jobs as the mega raffle organisation etc as long standing committee members step we still have a small committee.
BUT our big issue is still manpower on the day with putting up tents, constructing wooden stalls, staking out the arena, then taking everything down and packing away at the end of the afternoon.
If anyone feels they could spare just ONE day a year to help on the Field Team please call Steve on 07968377681

Record breaking Gala – record breaking donations!

Thanks to the fantastic support of the village the 2015 Gala was the most successful yet and we have been able to donate an astonishing £4400 to village organisations.
Gala profits have also sponsored a Christmas party for the younger village children for several years now and last November we had a Halloween party as well.

Each of these events brings not only the children together but their parents and carers too and hopefully encourages village community spirit.

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None this of course would be possible without the amazing support on the day from village residents, their families and friends who come and spend money on the stalls and activities and watch the arena entertainment.


BUT this success brings the problems of manning the day.
We need more people to come forward to offer just half an hour of their time to help on things like the bouncy castles (there are 3), hook a duck, games etc.

So if you would like to be involved in East Morton’s biggest event or have ideas for this year please call 01274 567174.

East Morton Gala Parade 2013